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At your Service

Electroflex takes pride in
prompt, quality and friendly service delivery,
24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Service Fleet

Transport with Hand Operated Forklift


Products are sourced from strategic partners in South Africa. Once an order has been placed, the goods are delivered within one month in Botswana, followed by immediate installation.  

Electroflex (Pty) Ltd provides preventive maintenance contracts. Contracts ensure the client of a reliable power source without down time. Unique contracts can be negotiated but usually comprise monthly (generators) to bi-annual (UPS) preventive maintenance measures as set out in the agreement. Maintenance contracts further ensure that problems are addressed at any time and if the issue cannot be solved by telephone, technicians will promptly attend within the stipulated response time.

Post-Service UPS Interior

Pre-Service UPS Interior


The company assures that repairs are done promptly in a cost effective manner. The company employs qualified electronic technicians who do up to board level repairs on UPS’s and deal with the electrical aspect of the generators, while trained mechanics look after the mechanical aspect of generators.


Uninterruptable Power Supplies and AMF Generators can be leased for various periods of time. Lease agreements are negotiable and may include comprehensive and none-comprehensive maintenance contracts.


Electroflex (Pty) Ltd has various sizes of UPS’s and AMF Generators in stock which can be rented on a temporary basis in cases of emergency.



External audits of staff performance are done on an annual basis, to check implementation standards.

All UPS’s are tested in our workshop in accordance with our quality checks prior to delivery. Clients are free to witness the testing.



Electroflex (Pty) Ltd has a 24 hour back up service from its suppliers in South Africa. Our technical partner, Power Development Services, has expert knowledge and extensive experience in the repair of all makes of UPS’s and generators.



Electroflex (Pty) Ltd employs both a mechanical and an electronic engineer, in addition to 12 electronic technicians and mechanics. Staff receive continuous expert training, in house as well as from our strategic partners in South Africa. In order to reduce response and repair time, each technician has a personal vehicle, cell phone and a comprehensive set of hand tools and testing equipment. The company has minimal staff turnover; most employees have served 10 years or more, creating proficient in house know-how and client confidence in Electroflex’ personnel. The company maintains a comprehensive staff-conduct policy which deals, inter alia, with confidentiality and punctuality.



Unique files are kept for all generators and UPS’S that fall under a maintenance contract with Electroflex. All service sheets and job cards are filed accordingly. Our computer system tracks that each piece of equipment is serviced every six months. Every distress call from a customer is logged into our computers. In 70 percent of the cases Electroflex manages to solve the problem over the phone at no extra cost. In case telephonic solving fails, a technician is immediately dispatched to address the issue. Response time is less than one hour. The total repair time is monitored and logged in the computer.

Ensuring the continuity of your electricity supply.